Chemical Peel

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Before booking a chemical face peel or any course of treatment, we recommend you book a consultation. The following is just a guide

A chemical peel is a dermo-cosmetic procedure used to provoke accelerated and controlled skin regeneration by applying chemoexfoliation agents which act on different layers of the skin. The effects of the chemical skin peel treat the external layers of the skin to stimulate collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycan production, thus enhancing the physiological and mechanical characteristics of the skin.

Skin peels are selected according to the skin’s needs or the nature of the case to treat, as well as patients’ individual characteristics, especially phototype.

Immediate visible results

As peels from the mesopeel range have a high skin tolerance, they can be applied to any part of the body. They provide spectacular and immediate results whether you want to maintain your skin looking healthy, smooth, luminous and free from impurities or treat the various stages of aging, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, cuperosis, rosacea and other imperfections.

  • Renew and enhance skin with a skin peel
  • 100% customised safe and extremely effective treatments
  • For all skin types and ages
  • Eliminate imperfections
  • Treat any type of aesthetic condition

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